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Settlements & Verdicts

$1,500,000 – Medical Malpractice Claim: Mother died during childbirth. We argued that the baby should have been delivered by C-section, based upon our medical experts’ opinions, which we believed would have saved the mother’s life.

$750,000 – Wrongful Death Claim: Auto accident that resulted in severe injuries to our client, which eventually caused his death.

$250,000 – Medical Practice Claim: Negligence involving an intraocular lens implantation.

$250,000 – Auto Injury Claim: Collision resulting in spinal cord injury requiring surgery.

$150,000 – Auto Injury Claim: Impact resulting in rotator cuff tear.

$100,000 – Auto Injury Claim: motor vehicle rollover accident resulting in soft tissue injuries.

$100,000 – Premises Liability Claim: handicapped child drowned in swimming pool.

$100,000 – Medical Malpractice Claim: Back surgery case had been turned down by two prior law firms.

$75,000 – Bicycle Injury Claim: Adult cyclist was struck by a motor vehicle.

$50,000 – Dog Bite Claim: Child was bitten by neighbor’s dog.

The above are just some examples of cases that we have resolved successfully for our clients. We have extensive experience throughout the state of Florida in protecting our client’s rights and obtaining the settlements they deserve.


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