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Nou Palè Kreyòl & Se Habla Español
Nou Palè Kreyòl & Se Habla Español

Pharah Saint Fleur, CASE MANAGERPharah Saint Fleur


I was born in Haiti, Florida became my home as a young teenager, and my husband and I reside in Orlando. My undergraduate studies were accomplished through the University of Phoenix, wherein I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Science. I have worked as a Personal Injury case manager for ten years, and I am one of your firm’s French Creole translators. As your case manager I am your point of contact from the time your file is opened, until it is ready for your attorneys to make a demand on your behalf. While the attorneys work your injury case, I will assist you with lost wage issues, property damage issues, or obtaining a rental vehicle if necessary. Upon inquiries from insurance adjusters I provide status updates on your case, and respond to requests for information from your medical providers. I also assist in obtaining your medical records from your providers regarding your injury, as well as your doctor’s final report once you complete medical treatment.

Please feel free to email me in English, French, or Kreyol, whenever you have a question regarding the progress of your case.



Yvette Bertin, LEGAL SECRETARYYvette Bertin


My parents were from Puerto Rico and I was born and raised in New York. Florida has been my home for over fifteen years, and I reside in Kissimmee, FL. My undergraduate studies were performed at Hostos Community College in New York City. Before beginning a career in the legal field, I worked in the public school system, as well as in retail management. Eight years ago I began as a receptionist here at your personal injury firm, and proudly worked my way up to legal secretary for Mr. & Mrs. Anouge. I schedule the attorneys’ calendars, organize filing of the hard copies of case files, and update your case file into your case history records. Once you have retained the firm to represent you in your case, I am responsible for the efficient and accurate data entry into our secure network system.

I am also your firm’s Spanish translator.

Please feel free to email me regarding any questions you may have, be they in English or Espanol.



Stanley Juste, FIELD INVESTIGATORStanley Juste


For the past three years I have been part of your firm’s personal injury legal team. As the field investigator, I gather facts and interview witnesses to assist you in your personal injury case. These cases range from bodily injury claims due to negligence on the part of another driver in a motor vehicle accident, negligence in premises liability cases, slip and fall cases, as well as in cases of wrongful death. I am also one of your firm’s Kreyol translators, and I reside in Orlando with my wife and children.

Please feel free to email me if you need assistance in English, French, or Kreyol.



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